Vintage, Class of '79 Photos

If you have any great old photos from back in the day, please email them to and I'll paste them here. Please write a caption to include with the photos.

The infamous "Tassel" incident of 1979.  Margaret MacCabe getting her diploma, while Andy Madsen makes his grand entrance. Caught on film!

Question: Do you think the two people handing out diplomas called each other and said, "Hey, let's wear the same suit!"

Another photographic rememberance of Andy Madsen's gravity defying tassel (Margaret McCabe in front, Eric Magelby next in line)

Graduation Day.  If you look real close (and squint), you will see that about ten of us lifted one foot in the air at the moment the picture was taken.

Click here to see a larger version of this photo.

(Photo contributed by Margaret MacCabe) 

 Dying the sheets for the block T - Diane Barnes, Brad Nielsen, Melanie McKay? and others

Assembling sheets (sewing them together) in the commons. Jenny Hatch, Debi Dunford, Robyn Benedict, Annette Stevenson, Dave Babb, Lori Pinder and Steve Strong.

Better look at how the sheets were sewn together.  Kelly Brereton (Devri's sister) and ???

Sewing the T.  Brad Morley is "supervising" on the left. Notice how he is in the same place on the next photo.

Another angle of sewing the T.  Brad is still supervising. Timo Stay (striped shirt)

Rolling out the T in the gym

 Getting ready to package the T in the cargo net

 Attaching the "T" to to the helicopter from the football field.  This picture appeared in the newspaper.

Thanks to Shellie Cox Lott for finding, scanning and submitting this picture. 


Waiting on the mountain for the arrival of the "T" - Pictured here: Ed Kocherhans, Sam Fletcher, Guy Mildenhall, Brad Morley, Steve Ellsworth, Timo Stay, Russell Hopkinson, Sue Roberts (SBO advisor), Bryant Christensen (green sweat shirt). (Photo taken by Bryan Chapman

Helicopter getting ready to drop the rolled-up "T" on the mountain. (Photo taken by Bryan Chapman)

Preparing to land the "T" - nice view of Timp in the back ground (Photo taken by Bryan Chapman)

Rolling out the "T" with very planned execution. Many of you never saw the T from this angle. We literally had to take it up and over trees, rocks and bushes (and the thing was very heavy - not as easy as it looks). (Photo taken by Bryan Chapman

 Close up of rolling out the "T" - class members Steve Strong, Scott Hymas, Sam Fletcher. (Photo taken by Bryan Chapman

 That was one steep slope. Hard to tell how steep it was from ground level. (Photo taken by Bryan Chapman

 "T" on the mountain. It was said to be 1/3 larger than BYU's "Y".  I believe it!  What a fun project. (Photo taken by Nathan Anderson)

 The famous "T" that taught us all to work together.

Don't ask. You just had to be there. We all met very late one night after working on the "T" and....well, we hung spoons on our noses:  Shauna Metcalf, Keith Bradshaw, and Bryan Chapman.


 Group of T creators

Back row: Sue Roberts, Tim Stay, Lisa Roundy, Shauna Metcalf, Bryant Christensen, Diane Barnes, Christine Madsen, Jennifer Parkinson, Nancy Armstrong, Kathy Wollenzien, Teresa Best, Michelle Harding??

Front row: Dave Babbs, Keith Bradshaw, Brad Morely, Diane Clegg

Mike Bullock and Daunna Prete

Mike Bullock and Daunna Prete

Timpview Track and Field - Sam Fletcher

Timpview Track and Field - High Jump

Timpview Track and Field - Sam Fletcher

Kevin Wistisen pumping iron.

Time to split:  Cindy Quinn, Tammy Mitchell, Shellie Cox, and more.

Stack of friend (bottom to top): Jenny Buckley, Valerie Bates, Karen Felt, and Teresa Best

Sharon Hill, Jenny Hatch and Annette Stevenson. Submitted by Sharon Hill Goodman. Sharon calls this picture "Disco Fever in the Snow."


Buff Williams and Steve Sperry  with our cool Varnet  Sunglasses.   They were cool at the time,  I think... Not too sure now...


Group of ladies: Lauri Bird, Alicia Shakespeare, Kathleen Strong, Lisa Terran, Melanie Denning, Markae Fullmer, Laura Foxley, Sharon Crowther, Juanita Stubbs, Juli Smith.

Plymouth Troubleshooting team:  Front row: Mike Bullock, Mr. Dennis, Brent Pope

Back row: Jerry Meibos, Greg Nuzman

(Photo submitted by Brent Pope)

Plymouth Troubleshooting Winners: Jerry Meibos and Greg Nuzman.  (Photo submitted by Brent Pope

1979 Drill Team portrait. Click here to see a higher resolution version of the photo.

Front row (left to right): Kay Swanner, Diana Jamison, Valerie Bates, Lisa Roundy, Trudy Hathaway, Joan Gabbitas, Michelle Jensen, Deanna Burns, Markae Fullmer.

Second row: Lee Anne Hooker, Fawna Johnson, Carri Datwyler, Julie Millett, Ann Peterson, Kris Arnold, Alyson Amann, Heidi Clark, Jodi Cloward, Bobbie Christensen, Leslie Ashton, Shellie Cox.

Third row: Virginia McVea, Valerie Miner, Lori Jewkes, Kim Sallenback, Becky Williams, Jenny Buckley, Karen Felt, Vicki Bullock, Traci Mattox, Jill Witbeck, Teresa Best, Robyn Overlade.

 Ann Petersen (photo submitted by Shellie Cox Lott

 Lisa Roundy 

 What most of us didn't see as the drill team was "beautifying" on the bus for an away game. Ann Petersen (submitted by Shellie Cox Lott). 

 More beautifying - Kelly Jo Corbridge 

  Shelli Cox eating 


 Picture taken on Jazz Band Tour to Denver: Carl Burrows (Class of '78), Richard Crosland, Mark Welsh (Class of '78), and Richard Folsom 

Pictured: Joan Gabbitas, Kelly Corbridge, Robyn Overlade, Jill Witbeck, Shellie Cox, Teresa Best, and Ann Petersen

  Asleep on the bus - Jenny Buckley (photo submitted by Shelli Cox Lott

Teresa Best and Robyn Overlade. (photo submitted by Shellie Cox Lott)

 Robyn Overlade and Ann Petersen 

Lisa Roundy (photo submitted by Shellie Cox Lott

 Don't try this at home.  We are professionals. 

Drill team.  Joan Gabbitas, Cindy Quinn, Mary Cole, Kelly Corbridge, Alyson Aman, Tammy Mitchell, Stacy Ash (Class of '78), Natalie DeWolf (Class of '78).  If you can identify any more, please email (photo submitted by Shellie Cox Lott)  

Video Clip:


Click the play button to see our drill team in action. Video submitted by Robyn Overlade Stringham)


Drill team in 4th of July parade. 

1979 Seminary Council.  Senior Class Members:  Cyneil Jensen, Kipp Robins, Dave Lundberg, Dave Metcalf and Chris Glazier  

 Sam Fletcher, Kevin Wilson, Neil Warner, and Kirk Alvord before Jr. Prom.

  Ann Petersen and Daunna Prete.

Eric Magleby doing the high jump in sixth grade.

Eric Magleby, Dave Neuenswander and Brett Seymore - 6th grade field day.

Sue Burnham, Jodi Smith and Ann Petersen - 6th grade field day. Photo contributed by Jerry Meibos

Sherri Wolsey, Mark Butler, and Murray Blake - 6th grade field day. Photo submitted by Jerry Meibos

Sam Fletcher (and mom) - 6th grade field day.

Steve Strong - 6th grade field day

Tracy Ashman and Kathleen Oaks - 6th grade

Juanita Stubbs and Lynette West - 6th grade (sand dunes trip)

After graduation - Debi Dunford, Lyle Castle, Bryan Chapman, and Margaret MacCabe


Left to right: Jeff Severe (Class of '80), Debi Dunford, Margaret MacCabe, Greg Bluth, Lyle Castle

Larry and Laura Whipple (Meri Anne Wilkey on left and Craig Watkins on the right) 

 Left to right: Keith Kearl, Garry Moon, Brent Pope and Greg Bluth

Debi Dunford and Margaret MacCabe.  

 Alan Jackson and Shelly Jackman in the processional. 

  Carla Vorhaus with our principal, Mr. Mathews after graduation. 

Margaret MacCabe and Vernon Gubler

 Our fabulous drill team.

Ben Heaton and Teresa Best in Seminary (in the background, looks like Kevin Bond and Brent Pope).


 Keith Bradshaw and Diane Barnes

Kathy Johnson strolls the empty halls. Where were we all, the halls were never this empty?

Reed Williams making his case.

Eric Keith, Eric Magleby and the rest of the basketball team.

Scott Hymas keeps the ball and runs for positive least that's the way I remember it.

Timo Stay (middle), Geri Wadsworth (to the right) - I love Geri's face in this one!

 We were always decorating the Commons for something. I loved every minute of it.

Melaine McKay checks out the person taking her picture on the back row of choir.

Check out our awesome cheerleaders and drill from the Class of 79: Michelle Lindford, Nancy Armstrong, Shelly Jackman, Paula Gale, Cindy Quinn, Jenny Buckley and Alyson Amann.

Barry Rainaldi showing our awesome, skinny, non-functional lockers.

 Bryant Christensen and Carl Black


Debi Dunford, Cindy Sperry, Susie Burham, Laura Whipple, and Devri Brereton

Ben Sorensen, Damon Eyerly, Debi Dunford, and Donna Black 

Randy Christiansen and Damon Eyerly.

Cindy Quinn and Paula Gale

 Ahhhh. Young Love...Cindy Quinn and Todd Balser.

Laura Whipple, Michelle Galli, and Michelle Lindford

 Teresa Eggertson never saw it coming. Being crushed by Wayne Wilkinson and Ron Baird

 Robert Shultz doing what Robert Schultz does best

Robert Shultz, John Allsen, Carl Black and Richard Winterton -- making short-shorts famous even before John Stockton made them popular.  

 1978 Cross country team from Timpview, including Class of 79 graduates: Carl Black, Robert Shultz, John Allsen and Richard Winterton


 Kelly Corbridge and Paula Gale in 8th grade.


Back row: Carla Vorhaus, Lynette West, Julia Knell, Kristin Dixon, Kathleen Barnett

Front row: Melissa Erickson, Kathleen Oakes, Elaine Monson, Carol Layton.

(Submitted by Carla Vorhaus Oz)


 Sonja Porter and Robert Schultz - 1979 

 Sonja Porter 


 Cindy Quinn, Stars Assembly, 1979 - Singing "Shine On"

Michelle Linford, Stars Assembly, 1979

Liz Boyack - Stars Assembly, 1979

Paula Gale - 1979 Stars Assembly, singing "I'm the Greatest Star"

Brad Morely singing "Shooting Star" in 1979


Greg Schaelling, Bryant Christensen, and Carl Black (submitted by Greg Schaelling)



Shelly Jackman, Nancy Armstrong, Cindy Quinn & Lori Pinder on graduation day (submitted by Cindy Quinn Westoby).

Playing "Never Been Any Reason" by Head East in the Stars Assembly (1979). Left to right: Bryan Chapman (keyboard), Ed Kocherhans (guitar and lead vocals), Brett Burr (in back on drums), Evan Pearce (lead guitar), and Mark Reveal (bass).

The Bradshaw brothers - Keith (Class of '79) and Brian (Class of '78)


Left to right: Dave Taylor, Richard Crosland, Richard Folsom, and Wes Smith (submitted by Richard Crosland)

Left to right: Lori Pinder, Lynette West, Annette Stevensen, Kristin Dixon, and Julie Knell.

More photos, coming soon. Please keep sending them in (see link at the top of the page)