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Robin Benedict
Robin Benedict


Robin Benedict


Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In: Sandpoint, ID USA
Spouse/Partner: Wade Medrud
Occupation: Riding Instructor Semi - Retired.
Children: Daughter - Dezi Teiann, born 1983
Son-in-law - Ryan
Grandson (light of my life) Rowan
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What I've been doing since high school:

I was Married in 1981 and had a daughter in 1983. I was divorced in '93.
I worked for Utah Youth Corrections for the State and also for the private sector for almost 20 years. I finally got burned out and went looking for something that would restore my sanity. Then I worked for an Arabian Horse ranch managing the breeding program. (Sanity restored now I need to make a living). After that I worked for Novell in Provo for 3 years where I met my Husband who has now passed on. I now live in Sandpoint ID which is about 40 miles from Canada. It's so beautiful. I live in a little piece of heaven here. I met my soulmate and we've been married now for 2 years, I have a beautiful daughter and an amazing grandson and awesome son-in -law Life is good!:)

I remember when...

I was in Seminary, it was afternoon and just warm enough to make us all a little bored and sleepy. The lesson was about when Nephi and his brothers were building the ship to sail to a new land. I looked around and saw heads drooping just like mine, so I decided to say something silly just to make everyone laugh and wake up. So I said "Why didn't they just hop on a pterodactyl and fly? It would be a whole easier and faster!" Weeellll I got the desired effect e everyone either laughed or groaned but it worked. I still smile every time I think of this story.
The best part was that from that day on I had the nickname TerryD followed by a few bird squawks LOL especially from the boys that would line up against the wall at lunchtime. Which was so ok with me because at least I was getting noticed by boys LOL:)

Posted: Aug 15, 2014 at 1:07 AM
Wade Medrud and Robin Benedict Medrud
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 10:24 PM
Sandpoint is only 40 miles from the Canadian border. In this picture you can see the Canadian Rockies behind me.