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06/05/17 11:43 AM #118    


David Harris

I hope all you theatre fans will snap up tickets to 1776 soon so that you don't miss out on seeing our very own Bryan Chapman in the role of John Hancock at Centerville Legacy Theatre starting in about ten days and extending into the first part of July. Here's a link to their website:

This theater routinely sells out all its shows, so I'm not kidding when I say you've got to snap those tickets up soon. We're planning to go in early July when my wife gets back from overseas.


06/11/17 06:35 PM #119    

Robyn Overlade (Stringham)

Omigosh!  I have season tickets to the Centerville Theatre - front row!  Please tell me that Bryan will be doing the 6/24 Saturday matinee performance :)


06/30/17 11:22 AM #120    


David Harris

I thought our former classmates might be interested to know that Cptn Kirk Alvord flew the plane on which my wife and I traveled from London to Salt Lake City yesterday. Delta Flight 51 is a direct connection to SLC from London, and we take that one whenever we can because it's so convenient. Plus, going through customs in Salt Lake City is so much better than any other entry point we've ever had to go through.

My wife was chatting with the air hostess before the plane took off when the captain gave the flight details over the PA system. When he mentioned his name, I immediately recognized it, even though he and I were never particularly well acquainted back in the day. The air hostess suggested I write him a note which she would then take up to him. Then, partway into the flight, he walked back to our row and we had a short conversation.

07/01/17 11:15 AM #121    


Jill Witbeck (Young)

Seriously?  Then he was my pilot on that same exact flight on April 11 when I came back from London as well!  It was a great trip....and he was a great pilot!  I'm glad you recognized his name...

07/01/17 03:39 PM #122    


Kirk Alvord

Good seeing you Dave.  Its a great gig.  See alot of former Timpview classmates on fllights.  Jill send me a note next time your on board.  Fly safe and enjoy the world!

07/01/17 03:40 PM #123    


Kirk Alvord

If I know your onboard, maybe I can get you a freen upgraded pillow or something.

07/18/17 10:56 AM #124    


Juanita Stubbs (Bushman)

Hi everyone,

I read David Lamb's post and wanted to congratulate him on surviving this ordeal!  Poor kid!  Thanks for keeping us posted!  Hope you are all doing well.


Juanita Bushman (Stubbs)

07/19/17 09:02 PM #125    

Sue Burnham (Bridgeman)

Captain Kirk that is hilarious!  Extra leg room would be helpful too!  :)

08/05/17 01:34 PM #126    


Dave Metcalf

Dear '79 Classmates, hope all is well with each of you and your families.  Hard to believe our 40-year reunion is coming up the summer after next.  I had an idea I wanted to float by you (pun intended), how about a class cruise for our 40th reunion?  This could either be the main reunion event or could be a side activity associated with the 40th reunion.  Karalee and I have always enjoyed cruises, especially when you are with a group of friends or family.  There are a number of inexpensive 3 or 4 night cruises that leave from Southern California that most if not all could afford, especially if we were to start planning and saving for now.  Just an idea and thought I wanted to run by everyone.  Thoughts?  Feel free to post any comments or thoughts on this subject in this Message Forum or on the Timpview '79 Facebook page.   Thanks, Dave

10/19/18 01:44 PM #127    


Sam Fletcher

Hey folks, the Timpview Wikipedia page is lame and inaccurate. Those who may be interested how about we improve it? I know that there are many more notable alumni. 

10/19/18 01:52 PM #128    


Bryan Chapman


You are right about the Timpview High School Wikipedia Page.  I hadn't even looked at it for several years.

It is easy to change articles in Wikipedia.  All you have to do is click "Edit The Article" button in the upper, right-hand corner of the page.

Here's a link to the Timpveiw High School Wikipedia Page:

For our class, we should at least add the T on the Mountain, referenced by the article in BYU's daily Universe.


07/08/19 01:48 PM #129    


Kipling Clark

​We loved seeing our Timpview friends at the combined THS/PHS breakfast on Saturday! It was fun to catch up with old friends and see smiling faces, even if only briefly. We’d be very interested in doing something similar in the future. Thanks to all involved in the planning and execution of the event, especially Bryan, who played such a key role in the reunions for both schools. Thanks also for the video that captures some of the highlights of the breakfast. There is no question that we grew up in a great place!

07/08/19 07:56 PM #130    


Kipling Clark

Not sure how I got be Kipling Clark Clark. If someone can fix that, I’d appreciate it. 😉

07/09/19 04:31 PM #131    


Bryan Chapman

Kip,  I just fixed the Kipling Clark (Clark) thing.  The software we use has two places where people can add their "last name."  One of the places is for women to list their maiden name.  It is kind of confusing.  Anyway, it's all fixed now. 

Thanks for all you kind words about the reunion.  I think all three events turned out very well (1) Timpview reunion, (2) combined breakfast-in-the-park, AND (3) the Provo High reunion.

I had a great time connecting with all my Provo friends I had to leave behind when they split the school. 

Thank you Kip for helping us leverage resources and information (including putting us in touch with the folks at Soldier Hallow...who were great by the way).  We appreciate you so much.


07/10/19 08:25 AM #132    


Kipling Clark

No worries, Bryan. I’ve made similar corrections on our site. Thanks for everything!

07/10/19 07:43 PM #133    


Lynette West (Jensen)

The photos from the reunion are amazing!  What a fun time and everyone looks so good!  Thank you to everyone that put in so much time organizing and hosting the event and then labeling the photos and making them available.  You are wonderful!

11/07/22 08:13 PM #134    


Juanita Stubbs (Bushman)

I am looking for Marci Davis Hill from the THS class of 1978.  Can anyone help me find her?  The reason I want to chat is rather silly - I am trying to remember the name of the Mexican fast food place from University Mall years and years ago.  It had the BEST food!  Marci and I used to go there for beef and bean tostadas piled high with lettuce, tomatoes and ranch dressing.  does anyone remember that place?  It was in the food court.

11/15/22 04:24 PM #135    

Martha Robison (Stewart)

Hi Jaunita!

I used to work at Panchito's in the food court at the mall our senoir year. Is that the place that you're looking for?I think that it was right next to the place with donuts!



11/16/22 09:43 AM #136    


Juanita Stubbs (Bushman)

Oh Martha!

You are right!  Panchito's is the name of the place!  I wish I could remember what all was on that tostada!  I have been trying to recreate them for several weeks now - my son is SICK of eating my samples! - and wish I knew the recipe or the owners names.  They had a daughter a year or two older than us - I feel like her name is Jennifer, but I may be wrong.  They were in our ward, Pleasant View 3rd, and I think they lived in the condos on Canyon Road.  Anyway, thanks for responding!  Be sure to tell me if you remember anything else.  Message me here, or email me directly at  Thanks, Martha!  Oh, the good old days!


01/31/23 01:23 PM #137    


David Harris


Howdy, classmates:

I thought I would like to let you know that Jeff Goates of Provo High’s class of ‘79 and I joined forces recently to make an album together. We'd love to have you hear it if you are interested. 

The quickest and easiest way to listen would be to click on this link on your laptop or desktop computer and listen right on the BandCamp website:

However, if you are a subscriber to any of the major music services, you can find us there, as well, by searching on the album name, Likely Story, and/or the band name, The Tree Streets. 

We have a limited number of CDs, as well, in case anyone is interested.

We’re pretty happy with the results of our April studio sessions in Denver, so we’re planning to go out to 25 bpm studios in Denver again toward the beginning of summer 2023 and make another album. If you’re interested in following our progress, let me or him know, and we’ll make it a point to stay in touch.


Dave Harris

02/02/23 09:30 AM #138    

Sharon Hill (Goodman)

David, it was so fun to listen to your folksy music!  Sounds like you are having a great time pursuing your musical interests. Glad you are happy and well. Hugs, Sharon (Blast from the past, right?! - I'm not into social media, but it is fun to hear bits and pieces of the lives of friends from my early years!)

02/03/23 08:46 AM #139    

Richard Spencer


Congrats on the album!  You are so talented in so many ways.  Do you remember the duet we did in the church I used to practice the organ in?  

Glad to see that you are doing so much

02/03/23 04:56 PM #140    


David Harris

Sharon Hill! Rick Spencer! What a couple of fun surprises! Thanks for reaching out, guys.

Sharon, I was so sad to see that your house in the old neighborhood was torn down. I think that was a big mistake. (I know it wasn't anyone in your family who did it.) It was one of the more interesting houses around. The Duke and Darais homes were also quite cool and, luckily, both are still standing.

Yes, Rick, I remember fooling around with music ideas in that church where you practiced the organ. I hope you are still playing. Or did having a pilot's license seduce you away from music? :-) I was hoping I'd get a chance to fly with you some time.

Where are you now? I heard you left Japan.

03/02/23 08:51 AM #141    


David Harris

Happy birthday, Bryan "Keys" Chapman!

03/19/23 08:45 AM #142    


Allen Burch

Hello my old friends from Timpview '79.  Many of you will remember my sister Sandra Burch.  She was in the class of '81 in drama, choir, speech and debate.  She's a Covid ICU Nurse but has been stricken with Liver Cancer.  She has three adoptive children with special needs so this will be a grim struggle.  Her story is linked here in hopes some of you can help out.  If you didn't know her but care for me, please consider donating.


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