30th Reunion Photos

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Margaret MacCabe Ritchie, Vern Gubler, Juanita Stubbs Bushman, Becky Duke Badura, and Bryan Chapman

Brad Morley, Ed Kocherhans, Ron Baird, Kelly Corbridge Baird

Greg Bluth, Mary Ellen Larsen, David Metcalf

Ed Kocherhans, Alan Davis, Suzanne Davis

Greg Bluth, Janae Nilsen Lamb and Philip Lamb

Lola Schultz, Robert Shultz, Brad Morley and David Metcalf

Vernon Gubler, Jodi SmithMargaret MacCabe Ritchie, and Juanita Stubbs Bushman

Sonja Porter Thompson, Brent Thompson, and Michelle Linford

Kit Ashworth

Karen Mildenhall, Guy Mildenhall and Ricky Spencer

Buff Williams, Michelle Williams, Cindy Quinn Westoby, Craig Westoby

Boyd Christensen, Natalie Parkinson Christensen

Tim Mahoney, Alayne Eggertsen Mahoney, Ed Kocherhans, Teresa Crowley Kocherhans

Tracy Nelson Radmall, Alan Radmall, Byron Mickle

Terry Ritchie (husband of Margaret MacCabe Ritchie), Bryan Chapman

Charles E. Baker and Marla Brown

Linda Anderson, Nathan Anderson

Launa Smith Walker, Lynda Miner Walters, Ed Walters

Tom Thomas and Noelle Thomas

Michelle Linford Hatch and Alayne Eggertson Mahoney

John Allsen, Greg Bluth

Jodi Smith, Jill Witbeck Young

Shelly Rae Hicks, Mark Reveal

Jay Kunz, Rebecca Kunz, Sonja Porter Thompson, Brent Thompson

Greg Bluth, Richard Rees, Missy Bledso

Steve Sperry, Stan Giles, John Allsen

Joan Gabbitas Johnson, Fred Johnson

Brent Pope, Craig Bushman, Krissie Bushman

Letty Meibos, Jerry Meibos

Rebekka Johnson (wife of David Johnson) and Diane Clegg DeBruyn

Greg Ogden, Carol Layton Ogden

Lynda Meservy Schaelling, Greg Schaelling

Suzy Moon, Garry Moon, Jean Pope, Brent Pope

Greg Wimmer, Michelle Wimmer, Kate Gagon, John Gagon

Christie Hoopes, Ben Hoopes

Carol Layton Ogden, Carla Vorhaus Oz, Annette Stevenson Nordgren

The main ballroom

Ray Dunbar, Sandra Engle Dunbar

Gene Pranger, Laura Foxley Pranger

Jodi Baum Synder, Linda Ward Nelson, Mary Ellen Larson, Lisa Mower Bardsley

Roxann Wolfe, Brad Wolfe

Diana Petersen, Bryan Petersen

 Nancy Armstrong Nielsen, Annette Stevenson Nordgren

Sam Fletcher, Cathy Fletcher

Grace Gull Taylor, Dave Taylor

Richard Crosland, Anne Crawley Crosland

Corey Ericksen, Liz Boyack Ericksen

Jeanna Gibson, Brent Gibson

Joe Kader

Ed Kocherhans

Mark Reveal

Michelle Linford Hatch

Bryan Chapman

Bryan, Mark, Ed

Mark Reveal, Ed Kocherhans, Scott Hatch, Michelle Linford Hatch, Teresa Crowley Kocherhans, Kimo Lewis

Bryan Chapman, Mark Reveal, Ed Kocherhans, Scott Hatch, Michelle Linford Hatch, Teresa Crowley Kocherhans, Kimo LewisClick here to hear the song on YouTube.


Vicky Wilson, Kevin Wilson

Kevin Wilson, Kirk Alvord

Kevin Wilson, Kirk Alvord

Charlotte Jackson Hart, Gary Hart

Lynda Coombs Matthews, Michelle Burrows Tuttle

Denise Purdy, Kent Purdy

James McLaren, Kathleen Oaks McLaren

Curt Porritt, Judy Porritt

Julie Knell Magleby, Mark Magleby

Garth Badura, Becky Duke Badura

Alan Jackman (Provo High), Brett Butler, Alan Radmall

Shauna Warner Shedden, Daunna Prete Smith

Reed Williams, Susan Williams

Regina Griffin, Alan Griffin

Wes Smith, Melanie McKay Edmunds

Doneil Bowers (wife of Jonathan Bowers) and Magaret MacCabe Ritchie

Devri Brereton Ficklin, David Metcalf, Sharon Hill

Launa Smith Walker

Janae Nilson Lamb, David Metcalf and Sharon Hill Goodman

Jeff Wille

Curt Porritt

Teresa Best Fugate

John Allsen

Lori Huntington Wright, Jim Wright

Jodi Smith, Anne Crawley Crosland, Richard Folsom

Keith Bradshaw, David Metcalf and Sharon Hill Goodman

 Eric Magleby, Monette Porter Magleby

Sherrie Lewis Bluth, Rick Bluth

Jerry Meibos, David Metcalf, David Gillie

Liz Boyack Ericksen sings "Remember Me This Way"   Click here to listen to this song and watch the slide show on YouTube

Larry Whipple sings "This is the Moment."   Click here to listen to the song and watch the slide show on YouTube

Bryan Chapman, Keith Bradshaw, Scott Hatch (in back) and David Harris sing "The Yearbook Song"  Click here to listen to the song and watch the slide show on YouTube.

Boyd Berrett

Kim Barton, Steve Ellsworth, David Metcalf, Karalee Nelson Metcalf

Conchita Simmons, Lanae Richards Price

Ann Peterson Hartvigsen (on right)

Elaine Monson Craig, John Craig

Tina Lamb, David Lamb

Brent Pope, Jean Pope

Scott Bramhall, Boyd Christensen, Natalie Parkinson Christensen, Jennifer England (Class of 78)

Shelley Leftwich, Kelly Leftwich

Becky Duke Badura, Juanita Stubbs Bushman

Jana Morley, David Morley, and Linda Ward Nelson

Robert Goodman, Sharon Hill Goodman.

Nancy Chapman (wife of Bryan Chapman), Linley Tanner Duncan

Bryan Young, Aaron Ingram, Stan Giles, Keith Kearl, John Haymond, Garry Moon.

Cindi Ross Barton, Kim Barton

Desiree Heaton, Ben Heaton

Jennifer England (Class of 1978) and Paul Perry

Lee Wilson

Blair Swenson (Paula Gale's husband) wins the 32" flatscreen TV as a doorprize.

Blair Swenson

Carol Bryner, Lee Bryner

Tracey Bradshaw, Keith Bradshaw

Suzanne Chase Palmer, Barbara Belnap Green

Kevin Gull, Wendy Gull, John Haymond

Margaret MacCabe Ritchie, Anita Sainsbury Towner, Liz Boyack Ericksen

Kip Palmer, Suzanne Chase Palmer, Bryan Chapman

Barbara Belnap Green, Kathy Bergin Cook

Jill Witbeck Young, Robyn Overlade Stringham

Shellie Cox Lott, David Lott

Lara Johnson, John Johnson

Carla Vorhaus, David Harris

Robert Jeffs, Tracy Mattox Jeffs, Brian Campbell, Kim Sallenback Campbell, Sue Peterson Hunter, Todd Hunter

Bonny Neilsen, Brad Neilsen

John Bowers, Doneil Bowers

Janea Nilson Lamb, Cindy Quinn Westoby, Shelly Jackman Pulver, Paula Gale Swenson, Kelly Corbridge Baird

Provo Library at Academy Square (location of 2009 reunion)

Becky Duke Badura - setting up centerpieces.

Cindy Quinn Westoby settting up dinner

Richard Folsom, Guy Mildenhall

Mary Ellen Larsen, Steve Sperry

Jodi Smith, Eric Sondrup

Sherry Knaphus Goaslind, Mark Goaslind

Michelle Linford Hatch and Karen Felt

Kathleen Barnett Stanford, Joan Gabbitas Johnson, Fred Johnson

Lynette West Jensen, Karalee Nelson Metcalf, David Metcalf, Donna Black Franklin

Craig Watkins, Joe Kader

Wendie Gull, Kevin Gull (Kevin's son), Eric Magleby, Teresa Crowley Kocherhans, Ed Kocherhans

Eric Keith - provided sound system for the family picnic

Boyd Christensen, Natalie Parkinson Christensen, Kathleen Felt Covey, John Covey, Sherry Knaphus Goaslind, Mark Goaslind

Richard Matthews, Lynda Coombs Matthews

Tom Thomas, Nikki Pino, Russ Cahoon

Eric Magleby and Wayne Wilkinsen

David Harris, Richard Crosland, Anne Crawley Crosland

Karalee Nelson Metcalf, David Metcalf, Bryan Chapman, Nancy Chapman

Tamme Webb Henry, David Harris, Kip Clark, Joe Stanford, Kathleen Barnett Stanford

Monette Porter Magleby and Cindy Quinn Westoby dancing with the children

Carolee Wilkinson, Monnette Porter Magleby, Shelly Jackman, and Cindy Quinn dancing

Shellie Cox Lott, Robyn Overlade Stringham, Ann Peterson Hartvigsen, Teresa Best Fugate.  Post-reunion get together, October 2009

Robyn Overlade Stringham, Ann Peterson Hartvigsen, Lisa Roundy Hansen, Annette Stevenson Nordgren, Tammy Mitchell Wilkinson, Shellie Cox Lott at a post-reunion get together in October 2009.

Mini reunion of the girls that went to Provost Elementary:  Front row (left to right): Michelle Linford Hatch, Linda Elliott Shurtliff, Shirley Headman Collins, Cindy Cross. Back row Shellie Cox Lott, Caroine Dunn Adams, Jenny Buckley Moore, Jaynie Cottrell Harmon, Lana Lukau (Rooke), Karen Cross (Cindy's sister, graduated in '81).  Thanks to Shellie Cox for submitting this picture because this group includes many who couldn't make it to the reunion. Great to "see" you all again.

Some of our Timpview reunion committee at the Provo High Reunion at Sundance - July 1, 2009.  David Metcalf, Nathan Anderson, Bryan Chapman and David Harris.  It was an awesome evening.  Thanks Provo High!

Juanita Stubbs (our Banquet Manager for our reunion) sampling the cuisine at the Provo High Reunion, Sundance, July 1, 2009


Impressive: Cindy Quinn can still do the splits. On the Timpview football field July 1, 2009

Carla Vorhaus Oz and Cindy Quinn Westoby get together for a pre-reunion chat, July 2, 2009


Several people from the debate team have a pre-reunion get together on July 1, Craig Hughes, Keith Kearl, Brett Butler, Greg Bluth, Donna Black, Garry Moon, Carla Vorhaus, Reed Williams, Lynette West.

Tammy Mitchell and Carla Vorhaus meeting prior to the reunion

Carla Vorhaus and Carol Layton get together June 30, 2009


Karen Felt and Shellie Cox Lott get together for a pre-reunion dinner June 30, 2009.


We missed Karen Rowley Allen at the reunion; she couldn't attend because of work commitments.  Margaret MacCabe Ritchie visited with Karen at her new home in Cedar City on her way back to Phoenix.


 Jerry Meibos and his wife hosted a pre-reunion, ice cream social at Rock Canyon Elementary in May 2009.

Becky Duke, Mary Ellen Larsen and Dave Lamb at the ice cream social. May 2009