Vintage Dance Pictures

For fun, we thought we would assemble a collection of high school dance photos. Here's the rule, both people in the picture must be from the Class of 1979, although the picture can be from any year 1977-1979 (surely you dated someone from our class, didn't you?).  If it is a group, at least two people in the picture must be from our class. Got it?  Just scan your pictures and send them to Enjoy!   (for techies: best format is .jpg and they really don't need to be any larger than 600 pixels wide. If you don't know how to change the picture size or fomat, no worries. Just send them and I'll fix them up).

Back row (left to right): Kevin Gull, Wayne Wilkinsen, Ron Baird, Brad Morely.  Front row: Brad Spence, Ed Kocherhans.

The guys (left to right): Bryant Christensen, Kipp Robins, Carl Black, David Neuenswander, Russ Cahoon, Jerry Meibos.

Ben Heaton and Kathleen Oaks

Jenny Buckley and Jay Kunz

Sonja Porter and Jay Kunz

Paul Christensen and Juanita Stubbs

Brent Pope and Sharon Hill

Back row: Margaret MacCabe, Shellie Cox, Teresa Best

Front row: John Crawley (Class of '80), Pete Galan, and Scott Bramhall 

 Richard Crosland and Tami Day (Provo High, Class of '79) 

 Carla Vorhaus and Doug Hansen, Senior Dinner Dance

Keith Kearl and Shellie Cox


Melanie McKay and Ben Heaton


Jay Kunz and Cindi Ross 

 Kevin Wistisen and Shellie Cox

Brent Pope and Kristin Dixon - Jr. Prom 

Sonja Porter and Paul Fisher 

  Melanie McKay and Robert Schultz

Dave Metcalf and Nancy Armstrong

Rick Miller and Margaret MacCabe

Marty Midgley and Cindy Quinn, Christmas Dance 

Bottom of pyramid: Dave Lundberg, Kipp Robins, Dave Metcalf, Rick Mecham (Provo High '78)

Middle Row: Sarah Bloxham. Greg Schaelling, Alyson Amann, Kim Barton, and Vickie Bullock

2nd to top row: Lisa Roundy, Geri Wadsworth

Top: Cindi Ross


Sharon Hill and Ben Heaton

Shellie Cox and Pete Galan  

 Sonja Porter and Chuck Baker 

 Lynette West and Brent Pope 

Vickie Bullock and Jay Kunz


Margaret MacCabe and Evan Pearce 

 Robert Schultz and Sonja Porter - Jr. Prom. 

Steve Ellsworth, Tracy Dean (Provo High '79), Dave Metcalf and Michelle Linford 


Margaret MacCabe and Bryan Chapman 

Shellie Cox and Kipp Robins 

Sharon Hill and Dave Metcalf  

Jay Kunz and Julie Knell 

 Robert Schultz and Joan Gabbitas 

Margaret MacCabe and Brad Spence 

Vickie Bullock and Dave Metcalf 

 Jon Young and Margaret MacCabe

Kim Barton and Cindi Ross at Senior Dinner Dance 

Shellie Cox and Dave Metcalf 

More to come, check back soon.