Brent R. Orme

Profile Updated: September 2, 2009
Residing In: Henderson, NV USA
Homepage: Brent R Orme
Occupation: President of Marketing and Business Development
Children: Crystal Ray 25
Aubrey Denise 22
Emily Ann 16
Breanna Nicole 14
Abrailya Christine 11
David More…Brent 9
Yes! Attending Reunion
What I've been doing since high school:

WOW, I facebook searched (Timpview class of 79) and this website popped up. As I viewed the pictures that the general public sees I was flooded with a rush of fond memories going back to 5th grade until I moved to Las Vegas my freshman year of High School. It is a joyous and overwhelming experience to see all of you. This seems to sweep you back to that time and all of the friends and those that I loved and admired. WOW! And then looking at the reunion pictures was incredable, to see so many of you and hear of your great successes. So wonderful!

You all should know that I so admired you and modeled much of my behavior to your actions that I keenly observed! I found it amazing that I was so privileged to be a part and participate in life with you, Thank You!

Im a daddy of 5 girls and 1 boy, this is my greatest acomplishment. They are all honor students, my oldest were even up for the coveted Kimball scholarship. I'm not a grandpa yet but look forward to this as well. My youngest are all involved in sports and are the fastest runners. My son is in 4th grade and the fastest in his school, he is also the #1 math student his age in the state of Nevada.

You will often find me playing in the balls or crawling in the tubes at McD's with my youngest children. And of course the oldest are embarrassed!! I love that too :)

I am a principal with American General Contractors and a principal of an internet co. It is my great privilege to work with some amazing people. We have been involved in projects such as the Bellagio, Venetian, Mirage, Caesars Palace, TPC Golf Courses for the PGA. Life feels so wonderful! And I do feel that growing up with all of You for a time has molded me into this person that takes on these great oppertunities in life. Again, Thank You.

Currently, I am single like some of you, I have experienced the pain, suffering and sadness of divorce. In our Mormon culture there doesn't seem to be a place for this. To my amazement my Bishop and married friends from my ward and stake circled around me and seemed to protect me from much of the pain that I have heard so many others have felt. If you have friends and loved ones suffering this, embrace them, I can tell you that they will feel ever indebted to you for eternity. A short story that evolved from my divorce that has changed my life came form this experience. One of my friends encouraged me to audition for a band. They (now we) are a band that was started by the musicians and they wanted to pick the singer, to have control, lol. It was really insane. It took place in a large aircraft hanger type of building. There were over 6500 that auditioned. It was very overwhelming much like an American Idol setting except you had to audition in front of all the other singers. Great right! It was amazing some where dressed in their costumes (oh, this is a country band and rock has been my favorite to play and sing) and I was dressed in black sweats. Hmm, I seemed to be very undressed. Thinking back it was like a circus with all the costumes and posturing. As I knew noone I just watched the parade before me. Then after 4 1/2 days I was up. We got to introduce ourselves and the song we where to sing. This was fun, I had never sang a country song and didn't know any. So there was a very comical exchange with this very competative audience bashing me at each exchange of words. It was funny, my mind drifted to the time that I served my mission and I told myself, self you can do this. I was snapped back to the exchange by the seeming leader asking what was your plan BO, that has become my nickname. And I explained that my friend Vince Neil put me up to this. All of the sudden they knew who I was. So they said lets play this song. They gave me the sheet music and said hum along we'll do 2 runs then your in. They did half a run and I stopped them and said go. It was Keith Urbans "tonight I wanna cry". As I sang it hit me I was living the nightmare that was on the sheet before me. Tears streamed down my face. I stopped the band and apologized to the band the other singers and shared with them my seperation and pending divorce, that I hadn't seen, held or kissed my children in over 2 months. I was dying and this song was pulling my heart out of my chest. There was a new exchange of words, "we can do a different song Bo", then I heard myslef say, "no I can do this", I drew from our church, watching General Conference and determined to make this happen. So they played I sang. As the song progressed my tears were still present, and the girls in the band had them too. So I dared to focuse on the faces in the audience adn they too felt it. We did 4 more songs, I was the only 1 that got to do that. Now we do shows on the strip, play at night clubs and bla bla bla. We have an album coming out. And song writing is now on my to-do list. This is all possible because of great people like You, that where examples and friends to me. I have found people are always watching you. What do you give them? Are you a city that is set on a hill?

If you have any songs send them my way!

I hope to get to know you all again! It's that why we're here.

I remember when...

I have very fond memories of Timpview, the smell of the new school. So many great and fun teachers. The very cool new football uniforms! I remember thinking all the girls being soooo Beautiful. Everyone seemed to look like everything was perfect. Like we where living in a movie :). And now we are all growen and in the real world watching our children go thru this seeming magical time. Having 5 daughters I try to tell them to slow down and enjoy it! But they like us want to grow and are as excited to experience growing up? Oh what fun and care free it was.

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Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 10:48 PM