Carolyn Cox

Profile Updated: June 22, 2009
Residing In: Koloa, HI USA
Spouse/Partner: Some day
Occupation: FINE DINING
Children: none
I remember when...

Living at Karlyn Cooks house and being in her wedding, borrowing a trans am and doing circles burning rubber in front area of school. When the cows were branded at school and all the parents complained. Conchita and Lupita Simmons. Graduation eating kfc then doing the marble thing when getting diploma. Coach Gilespi and his bowed legs. Our pregnant dance teacher hopping around the class like no ones business. There was an English teacher who always wore polyester pants, what a sight from behind. Being the first to attend a brand new school, still miss the cafeteria food at Provo High, they had trained chefs cooking there, swear they must have.